TRUTH: Westlock is Not Alone

Some have noted that there is no other municipality in Alberta proposing a Neutrality bylaw like the Town of Westlock is. This observation has been used to somehow suggest that it’s therefore a bad thing that should be voted down.

Whether or not this is a first for Alberta, crosswalk and flag policies already exist in municipalities all across Canada. From Chilliwack in BC to South Huron in Ontario, a growing number of communities are realizing the necessity of them to maintain neutrality and equality in their public places. The Westlock Neutrality Team utilized the wording from many existing policies and included them in the petition for their own.

Just recently in December 2023, the municipality of Lakeshore in Ontario updated their flag policy. After being inundated with requests to raise and display numerous flags, they will now only allow the federal, provincial, and municipal flags to be flown. This is why the Westlock Neutrality Team chose to include flags in their petition.

If Westlock is indeed the first municipality in Alberta to propose a Neutrality bylaw, it should be worn like a badge of honor and a feather in our cap. To be a community helping lead the way for others. One thing’s for certain, though: Westlock is not alone. We join other communities from coast to coast who are all showing that it’s possible to restore neutrality and equality to public places.