The Forms

Since our successful plebiscite, groups have been contacting us wanting to do the same in their own municipalities. A common request has been for the forms that we used. Here they are along with other documents that help explain the petition process.

Every municipality is unique and will require a unique blueprint. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) of Alberta is what allowed Westlock to petition for a bylaw. For those in communities outside of Alberta, you’ll want to consult your own province’s MGA (or equivalent).

Alberta Municipal Affairs – “Petition to Council”
This is a document from Municipal Affairs that outlines the areas of the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) pertaining to petitions. What can be petitioned, the requirements, and even some template forms.
PDF (557KB)
Petition Timeline
A quick visual of the timeline that starts once the first petition signature is made.
PDF (104KB)
Form – Petition Form
A blank copy of the petition form. Just change the town name to your own and you’re ready to go!
PDF (255KB)
Excel (16KB)
Form – Petition Representative Statement
A petition requires a representative; one who’ll hand in the petition papers to the municipal office and be the contact for them to communicate with.
PDF (166KB)
Word (14KB)
Form – Witness Affidavit
Each person that witnessed a signature needs to fill an affidavit in order for those signatures to be valid. These forms must be signed before a Commissioner of Oaths.
PDF (10KB)
Word (15KB)

Other Material

Here are some of the handouts we used to help inform the public on what we were doing. These were geared towards answering the questions and countering the misinformation that was occurring in Westlock during our campaign. Your experiences will be different. There were other advertisements and methods of contacting people, but these are here as a helpful reference.

Door Hangers
A “Sorry we Missed You” message that was left at houses witnesses went to where no one was home.
PDF (245KB)
Mailout – Long
A multi-page mailout that answered frequently asked questions and countered many lies/misinformation that opposition was trying to attack us with.
PDF (874KB)
Mailout – Short
Our first mailout announcing to the community that the Westlock Neutrality team was going to be knocking on their door.
PDF (1.1MB)
A poster version of the short mailout informing the community and directing them to our website.
PDF (862KB)