It’s Your Turn!

The Westlock Neutrality Team has shown it’s possible to stand for neutrality and equality in public places, even with a Town Council unanimously in opposition to you, and win. Now, it’s your turn!

Every municipality is unique and will require a unique blueprint. The Municipal Government Act (MGA) of Alberta is what allowed Westlock to petition for a bylaw. For those in communities outside of Alberta, you’ll want to consult your own province’s MGA (or equivalent). Nevertheless, we can share what worked and what we would’ve done differently.

Check out our new “THE FORMS” page where we provide the documents that we used and that are needed for a valid petition, as well as other material.

It didn’t take many, but it did take a core group of committed citizens to accomplish. If you have that and would like to learn how to restore neutrality in your own community, we’d like to help you! CONTACT US, and maybe the fire from Westlock’s success can start a spark in your own community!