TRUTH: Westlock Town Council’s Latest Misinformation Campaign

“In for a penny, in for a pound” appears to be Westlock Town Council’s new motto. They continue to use municipal resources to push how they want you to vote in the upcoming plebiscite. The severity of their bias is astonishing; they’re not even trying to hide the ball. Perhaps they’re overconfident and believe there’ll be no consequences (so long as the vote goes their way).  Apparently, to them the ends justify the means.

However, town residents aren’t happy with them and don’t appear to be falling for their fearmongering campaign. So, in his latest videos, Mayor Jon Kramer has switched to a new tactic: smearing those that support the bylaw as opponents to inclusivity, in all its forms.  They’re against the Recreation Assistance Program trying to help modest-income families. They’re against upgrading playground equipment for children with mobility challenges.  They’re against Meal Prep for Seniors and Filipino Story Time.  Evidently, everything is inclusive, and by supporting the bylaw you’re against everything.

How contemptuous of Town Council.  Hiding behind members of the Pride community to shield themselves from citizen’s concerns wasn’t enough.  Now, they’re putting financial situations and physical disabilities into the same category as ideologies. It’s reminiscent of a certain meeting back in June 12/23 where Councilors Jamaly and Wold likened handicap parking symbols to rainbow crosswalks. The problem with all these claims is that physical disabilities aren’t the same thing as ideologies.  Recreation programs and ramps don’t promote one philosophy over another.  Meal Prep for Seniors and handicap symbols don’t also represent some controversial subject matter.

If Town Council were allowed to continue using their all-encompassing definition of inclusivity, if we allowed ourselves to be labeled by them in this manner, what’s to stop them from using it for anything else they put forward in the future? Do you oppose the rezoning of land near your property? A change in police priorities? The establishment of a safe-injection site? You’re now “anti-inclusive”, and Town Council has freed itself from the obligation to take your opinion seriously.

Be part of the growing number of residents contacting our mayor and councilors to express your displeasure with their blatant impartiality and bias.  Their emails are available on the Town website at And, for bonus points, feel free to contact Alberta Municipal Affairs @ 780-427-3744 and inform them of Town Council’s unethical behavior.

The bylaw that the plebiscite references doesn’t have anything to do with recreation programs, playground equipment, or library story times.  Town Council is simply trying to muddy the water. Don’t fall for their latest misinformation campaign. On February 22, vote “YES” to restore equality and to help put Town Council back in their place.