The Plebiscite

What is a Plebiscite?

A plebiscite is a vote of all the members of an electorate on an important public question. As with the requirement of petitioners, only electors of the municipality are eligible to vote in the plebiscite. Council is bound by the results of the vote.

What is the Plebiscite Question?

At a council meeting on January 22, 2024, Town Council approved the question regarding the proposed bylaw. It read as follows:

Do you agree that:

  • Only Federal, Provincial and Municipal flags may be flown on flagpoles on Town of Westlock municipal property.
  • All crosswalks in the Town of Westlock must be the standard white striped pattern between two parallel white lines.
  • The existing rainbow coloured crosswalk in the Town of Westlock be removed.

It should be noted that neither the petition nor the proposed bylaw mention anything about removing the Town’s existing rainbow crosswalk. The inclusion of this in the question by Council is not necessary and could insinuate that the bylaw is an attack on the Pride community, which it is not.

Plebiscite: SUCCESS!

On February 22, 2024, over 1,300 citizens of Westlock voted on the question. And the majority said “YES”! They said YES to treating everyone equally in Westlock’s public places. To neither demean nor promote one group over any other!

The same Town Council that called the grassroots initiative a “small group of radicals” heard the collective majority YES from their electorate. Now they have no choice but to acknowledge and concede to that voice.

Results: 663 YES – 639 No